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The Pirate Ghost of Dungeon Cave (Z-Dawg Series, Volume 2)

The Pirate Ghost of Dungeon Cave (Z-Dawg Series, Volume 2)

Spirit of '76

The second book of the Z-Dawg series written by local Author Margaret M. Dejardins, finds Zack in attack mode as he and his friends search deep into the Lynn Woods Reservation at midnight to solve the mystery of the pirate and the lost treasure!

Legend has it that Pirate Tom Veal was buried alive at Dungeon Rock during a major earthquake in the 1600’s. The pirate’s treasure was buried along with him! To this day the treasure has never been found--until now! Ranger Dan has been hearing noises coming from Dungeon Cave, a dark and dangerous tunnel dug by Hiram Marble in the 1800’s. As he searched for the lost treasure, Hiram Marble held séances to talk to the dead.

Zack and his friends begin to unravel the mystery, one clue at a time, when they accidently stumble upon a mysterious old wooden box in the stone foundation of the cellar at the Ranger House. The contents of that box could just place their lives in great danger. Read on!

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