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Nautical Dog Leash in Solid Colors

The Rigger's Wife

These solid color dog leashes are beautiful, durable, and weather resistant. Each leash, approximately 5' long, is made in Marblehead using marine grade hardware and the same marine rope used by sailors for their halyards and sheets. Each leash is hand-spliced and then "whipped" to withstand the pull of even the most enthusiastic dog.

A simple tug on the braided cord and the shackle pops open, ready to easily attach to your dog’s collar. A stainless steel ring is also added to the handle of the leash to clip your keys, poop bags and finished with a beautiful Turk’s head knot.

The shackle/leash now come in two sizes: large which uses 7/16th line, and is slightly heavier which I recommend for dogs 55 pounds or more and in small which uses 3/8th line and is slightly lighter which I recommended for dogs less than 55 pounds. Some small dogs still want the large shackle and some big dogs want the small shackle, so its only a recommendation.

The Rigger’s Wife is a Marblehead based business dedicated to properly outfitting your coastal canine.

  • $ 7500

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