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Marblehead in WWI

Marblehead in WWI

Spirit of '76

The small seacoast town of Marblehead, in eastern Massachusetts, was the first to answer the call to arms during both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Throughout World War I, Marblehead was affected, and the town influenced the outcome. Boasting of the fifth and final naval militia in history, the Tenth Deck Division, Marblehead's men stood on the front line as the first shots rang out, aimed at the Germans in 1917. It was a town that pulled together, rallied behind their own family and friends while they fought in the trenches of war and stood shoulder to shoulder in their diligent commitment.

Historian Margery A. Armstrong delves into the past through articles and letters from those overseas that were first published in the Marblehead Messenger.

Margery G. Armstrong is a native Marbleheader, born and raised. She holds a BS degree from Boston University, and a Certification in Genealogical Research as well. She has been involved in genealogy for the past twelve years and is a member of the Marblehead Historical Society, the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, the New Hampshire Genealogical Society, the National Society of Genealogists and the New England Genealogical Society. This is her first published work. 

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