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Fish Pillow

LizzyLoo Designs

Turquoise pillow with fishe. Handmade by LizzyLoo Designs

About Batik:

Batik is an ancient wax-resit dye technique. It's existed since the 4th century in Egypt, but is most often associated with textiles from Indonesia and the Caribbean.

Hot wax is applied to white, natural fibers. The wax cools, dries, and cracks. When put into dye, the max resists and remains white, creating unique and organic designs. the process is repeated until the design finished, then wax is removed using boiling water.

Due to the organic nature of batik, each piece is slightly different, a truly one-of-a-kind piece from our family to yours!

Each LizzieLoo product is handmade to order. Please allow for two weeks for delivery.

  • $ 3900

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